Soffit serves both an aesthetic and practical purpose on a home. It give the house a clean look, merging the roof overhang and the side of the building, it covers up and protects rafter beams and prevents them from rot and mould, and it allows your house to breathe.

Air flow is tremendously important. With vented soffit, air can flow through the vents to provide regular air circulation to your attic. This reduces the build-up of moisture and condensation and minimizes the risk of rot. But it also reduces energy consumption. Decent air circulation is necessary for moderating the temperature inside your attic, which makes your heating and cooling systems run more efficiently and diminishes ice formation during the winter.

Soffit also protects your home from animals and pests. Squirrels, raccoons, and bats are experts at exploiting weak spots in your soffits and fascia. Squirrels are more than capable of fitting through holes with diameters as small as 3.8cm, while bats can make it through gaps smaller than 1cm! Wasps are also experts at exploiting gaps or holes where your soffit may have come away from the J-trim. If you notice wasps on your property, chances are you have a nest hiding somewhere in your home’s rafter tails.

At Vancouver Island Gutter we offer a variety of soffit options from Aluminum to Vinyl, and even wood. No matter what product you choose, we ensure that your soffit will be installed properly and will protect your home from moisture, animals, and pests for many years to come.

Aluminum Soffit

steve 4
Rustic Granite Quad 4 Full Vent


Aluminum soffit comes in several different styles, from what is called a Quad 4 (because it has 4 panels) to the SP 100 and SP 600. The latter have 2 and 3 panels respectively. We recommend the Quad 4 Full Vent because it allows for maximum ventilation. However, soffit is also about aesthetics, so it depends which style you think would best compliment your home. Click here to check out these styles in more detail.

Whatever style you choose, you can do so with confidence knowing that we provide our customers with the quality and durability of Kaycan aluminium soffit.

Kaycan Aluminum Soffit:

  • Never needs painting
  • Is available in regular and heavy gauge for lasting performance and durability
  • Is available in an array of styles and colours


Cedar Soffit

1 X 4 cedar tongue and groove soffit

Because it is more costly and requires more maintenance, it is not recommended that any home owner install cedar soffit exclusively on their home.

However, cedar soffit can be a great compliment to aluminum or vinyl, providing accents over decks, at your home’s entrance, or on gables.

Cedar soffit also allows for some creativity when it comes to installation as stain or paint can either enhance the natural beauty of the wood look, or provide contrasting colour and added warmth.



Vinyl Soffit

vinyl beaded soffit
Vented Beaded Vinyl Soffit

Our Vinyl Soffit comes in vented, beaded, and solid, and provides a beautiful finish to any home.

  • Virtually eliminates maintenance in hard-to-reach places
  • Gives the look and beauty of painted wood
  • Provides the durability and low maintenance of vinyl
  • Comes in woodgrain or smooth with a low-gloss finish
  • Comes in a variety of colours

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