Rain Chains – The Artistic Downspout


Rain Chains have come a long way since the days of finding a tow chain in your husband’s garage to use as a decorative downspout. And though regular square downspouts are the way that many people want to go when installing a gutter system, some people are looking for a little bit more creativity to compliment the work they have done with landscaping their entrance or their newly renovated and covered deck.

If you are one of those people, you are in luck. We source a wide variety of rain chains through  Rain Chains Canada. And we can guarantee there is something to please every taste and style.

All chains are made from the highest quality copper, aluminum, stainless steel and brass, and are crafted with the finest workmanship. There are nearly 100 designs to choose from in links, cups, and design combinations.

Have a look through the options below and simply contact our office to place your order or to let us know if you have any questions. All chains are priced both at 8′ lengths and per foot, so you can order exactly the length you need!

There are also a variety of accessories such as basins, rain leaders, and mini copper gutters to compliment your rain chain choice.

And if you are booking a gutter installation with Vancouver Island Gutter, you can simply let us know which rain chain you would like, how many downspouts you are looking to substitute with chain, where you would like them placed and we would be happy to install them for you for a small installation fee.

Chains come in three different categories. Simply click on the category below to view the styles in that category.

Cup Styles

Garden Themes

Link Styles


*Important note: When you buy an installation kit WITH a chain, we don’t include the v-hook that normally would come with the chain. If you want both, please request this when placing your order.

**All prices are in Canadian Dollars. Shipping is extra.

***Orders are not yet accepted online. Please phone our office to place your Rain Chain order.