cropped-gutterguard1.jpgVancouver Island Gutter relies on the quality and protection of Gutter Sentry gutter guard.

This quality product  drastically reduces the need to clean leaves and debris from your gutters with its state of the art heavy gauge aluminium.

Gutter Sentry helps protect your eavestroughs from ice damage by preventing freezing rain and ice from accumulating, thus reducing the weight applied to your gutters. Gutter Sentry will keep your eavestroughs in perfect working condition, year after year.

Gutter Sentry also helps to protect the life of your home by reducing the risk of water clogged eavestroughs and overflows that can seep between the eaves troughs and the fascia board and cause the fascia boards to rot.

The unique design of Gutter Sentry turns your average gutter into a complete box design, providing unequalled strength against bending, twisting, and crushing. Gutter Sentry Gutter Guard allows eavestroughs to remain firmly in place in extreme weather conditions, without sagging because of snow and ice formation.

Call us to discuss whether Gutter Sentry is right for your gutter system.